Support the Comic

If you'd like to support this comic, then here are ways you can help out!

Reading the Comic

Well you can't be interested in supporting the comic if you don't get to read it. So here are a few links from to get you started. Sharing the comic with others will help as well.

Page by Page Update

This is where I upload every page once it's finished.

Chapter Completion Updates

You can read it here if you prefer to read a chapter whenever it's completed.

Classic Lubo

This is where I upload old pages I did on paper back in 2009.

Lubo Merchandise

If you love some of the characters, then you'll be interested in getting merchandise featuring them. You can buy them at The things you can purchase are phone cases and stickers, but there's plenty more on the way!

Patreon Campaign

People who support the comic financially on my Patreon will get early access to the pages I make (typically about a week in advanced).

With enough support I'll get to make more pages. At the moment, I do 2 pages a week, but I hope to increase it over time!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a site where people can support their favorite artists or even people that make videos of any kind. The patrons can set whatever amount (even $1) they want per month to the artist.