Fugaia - Lubo

About the Comic


In a world called Fugaia, there are many people with special powers. Lubo is a 13-year old wolf who discovers that he has his own powers. He decides to use his powers to protect his town and stop Dracmore, an evil vampire bat. Along the way he fights other people with powers as he tries to get stronger. Lubo slowly learns more about how the power system works and tries to figure out what Dracmore's plans are with a rare gem stone called Lumanite.


Fugaia is a world far from Earth. The Fugaians are animal-people. Some have powers, while others do not. The time period for Lubo story is a little before the middle ages. Jatui, the town Lubo lives in is similar to ancient Greece. There's an ocean and a forest right next to the town. Jatui has a somewhat high crime rate, where a few criminals have their own power.

About the Author

I'm a self-taught artist. In 2012 I've gotten into digital art, whereas before I drew on paper with colored pencils and pens. Today I use a Wacom Tablet to draw and I draw in Paint Tools Sai. Occasionally, when I need to, I use GIMP 2.0 and Inkscape. I also have some experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash from a computer graphics class in high school.

As a kid, I aquired an interest in drawing and found that making comics on lined paper was a great way to entertain my friends and many siblings during my childhood. I plan to keep entertaining people by drawing more artwork for as long as I can.