Character Bios

Here are some characters from the beginning that will be around for most of the story.

Lubo's Family

Lubo Keno

ルボウ ケイノ
13 | Male | Wolf

Lubo is very short tempered. His favorite thing to do is surfing and being with people he likes a lot. He tends to have few but very close friends. He'll defend them no matter what. He has a hard time dealing with death.

Luna Keno

ルナ ケイノ
7 | Female | Wolf

She is Lubo's younger sister and they are very close. She normally goes where Lubo and his friends go. She's aware of Lubo's short temper and while she's very patient with him, she also worries about it. She was only 1 years old by the time they lost their parents, so she has no memories of them.

Lopu Keno

ルプウ ケイノ
72 | Male | Wolf

Lubo and Luna's grandfather. Lopu is a very kind old man, but he can be secretive and hides his feelings to avoid conflict. His favorite thing to do is to play his guitar and works as a baker. He really likes to eat bread, especially the dessert kind. He does not officially need his cane, but has one anyway.

Olaf Wotu

オラッフ ウォツ
71 | Male | Horned Owl

Olaf is Lopu's friend who lives with him. Lopu is unsure as to why, but he's more than happy to have him as a roommate. Unlike Lopu, Olaf is grumpy most of the time and is strict on Lubo and Luna. He's acted as their godfather for a while. Olaf works as a teacher.

Lubo's Friends

Tygo Beng

タイゴ ベイング
13 | Male | Tiger

Tygo is Lubo's best friend. Like Lubo, his favorite thing to do is surf. Unlike Lubo, he is very laid back and keeps a level head. Tygo doesn't have many friends, which may be because he likes using his slingshot a lot and is somewhat of a prankster. Despite being laid back, he can be pretty hammy when it's action time.

Auda Pau

アウダ パウ
13 | Female | Wolf

Auda is Lubo's friend. Lubo has a huge crush on her. Her mother went missing when she was 4 years old and her father has been fairly protective on her ever since. This has also made her very aware of the crimes that go around the villiage far before Lubo was. As a result, her dream is to help people.


Dracmore Vlare

ドラクマ ブレル
63 | Male | Vampire Bat

Dracmore is determined to seek revenge on Lopu and make his life miserable. While evil, it is very uncommon for him to be ruthless, for he only attacks others when he's threatened or they get in his way. Dracmore seems to have an obsession with power. Conveniently enough, Dracmore's ability is copying another person's powers by sucking their blood.

Batuu Gazuu

バチュウ ガズウ
17(?) | Male(?) | Bat(?)

Batuu is an unusal sight for Fugaians, for there seems to be no other known sentient creature with the body type as his. He is extremely loyal to Dracmore and may attack anyone who disrespects him without warning. Despite this, he can get very narcissistic while not around him. For some reason he's ALWAYS smiling, yet he's very rude. His ability is firing energy beams out of his mouth.