Chapter List

Introduction Chapters

Here are summaries for the beginning chapters of the story. Only the first 3 get one to not reveal too many details.

1 - A Different Like Night and Day

19 Pages
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After pondering what happened to his parents 6 years ago, Lubo unlocks a powerful form of which he did not know about before!

2 - Dracmore's Revenge

17 Pages
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As a vampire bat named Dracmore is after Lubo and his sister, Luna, Lubo learns more about his powers from his grandfather and discovers what happens to his parents!

3 - Lubo's Reason to Fight

17 Pages
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Lubo is in a blind rage and challenges Dracmore to fight! He does so to protect his family... but also for revenge.

Volume 1 Front and Back Covers

What's to Come Next

4 - His Resentment of Lopu
5 - Hot-headed Battle
6 - The Mugger of Jatui
7 - Clearing His Name
8 - Mystery of the Trees

9 - Lubo's Ambition
10 - Bandanna of Courage
11 - This Ain't No Picnic
12 - Time off at New Moon
13 - Sword Revisit